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Sterling API enables sharing economy and on demand companies to build safer communities, manage risk, and meet evolving compliance needs.

Our technology, coupled with decades of experience help us to empower companies with global, scalable screening solutions.


Less Development Time

The Sterling API is easy to integrate and provides mobility solutions out of the box which means that implementation will not detract from core product development.


Create a Seamless Experience

Sterling supports a frictionless background screening process from end-to-end to support maximum usability and a seamless customer experience.


Reduce Risk

Sterling is the gold standard in employment screening and has a legacy of trust and track record of success. Our deep domain expertise enables us to uniquely navigate federal, state and local regulatory requirements and helps you maintain the safety your community.

Technology is at the Heart of
Everything We Do

Sterling's RESTful APIs

With Sterling API you can integrate our compliant background screening solutions directly into your platform or application. Smart routing criteria data into queues and helps to return accurate data more quickly. Our solution also supports flexible client processing rules customized to your hiring needs to help screen candidates.

Smart routing criteria then moves data into queues and helps to return accurate data more quickly. Workflows for continuous, post-hire monitoring also help identify new activity on an individual’s record.

Mobility API

Sterling API also provides pre-built mobile capabilities to support the collection of additional identifying information and authorizations for background checks.

Sterling API’s mobile application works out of the box and is designed to support a frictionless user experience.

Developer Tools

Developer Docs

Dynamic developer documentation with interactive code help your team to get up and running on Sterling API faster.

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Developer Portal

Manage, test and refine your Sterling API integration via our easy-to-use developer portal.

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FAQs and Guides

Get tips, tricks and useful guides for our developers to ensure your implementation is smooth sailing.

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