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Background Checks and Mobile Job Application In the Sharing Economy

Posted Monday, December 4th, 2017 by Laura Sankowich

A Competition for Talent

The talent market has become more competitive in recent years.  Companies that want to compete are switching focus from what candidates need to what they want.  In an effort to manage expectations of potential candidates during the hiring process companies like Netflix, Facebook and Apple are looking at all of the ways they can optimize their job application experience.  

According to Jobvite, improving a company’s application rate should include working toward a mobile friendly candidate experience which includes building a frictionless mobile job application.  Additionally they contend that around half of job seekers today use mobile devices to search for jobs.  

While browsing job postings may be the most common activity among mobile job seekers, many (up to 50% according to HR technology firm Jibe) are completing the full application process on their smartphones as well.  In fact, Indeed also found that 78 percent of respondents to a recent survey would apply to jobs on their mobile devices if the process were simplified. 

“50% of mobile job seekers are completing the full application process on their smartphones”

Building a better mobile application experience includes dramatically reducing the time it takes to not only apply, but should also include improving mobile options for all aspects of the application process through to background screening and onboading.

Mobile First

Sharing economy and on demand companies are no different when it comes to the need to evolve and improve mobile optimization in the hiring process.  While a mobile first mentality defines many aspects of the hiring and onboarding process, the creation of a fully mobile experience from application, to background check, through to onboarding is still a work in progress.

A candidate complete a background check on a mobile device.

What does end-to-end mobile applicant optimization mean for the sharing economy?  For companies where potential applicants for gig work are always on the go, the integration of mobile background checks can have the mutual benefits of faster decision time for both candidate and employer.  Faster decision time, could also support the onboarding of more service providers faster, which in turn means more revenue is being generated.

Mobile Background Checks and UX

Once a candidate has signed up, enabling them to submit additional identifying information via mobile device will not only ensure a better candidate experience, but will also streamline data collection.  By tying mobile data collection for background screening to your hiring platform, you also ensure that candidates are able to stay connected to the hiring process regardless of location.

For more information on how Sterling On Demand can help you create a seamless mobile candidate experience and deliver background checks that integrate into your sharing economy or on demand platform talk to us.

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